Private Label Sutures

Not Just a Generic Suture:

  • Patterson sutures are made in the USA by Riverpoint Medical in Portland, OG
  • Racetrack designed packaging
  • Most have an extra 3″ of length compared to the Ethicon brand
  • FDA registered, ISO certified to 13485:2016 
  • Over 15 510(k) clearances on suture based products
  • Manufacture 60K pcs of suture every day
  • Patterson sells twice as much river point suture than Ethicon
  • Pre- and Post manufacturing testing
  • Exceeds USP by a minimum of 30% avg 40-40%
  • Sterilized by In-house ETO
  • Dedicated to Veterinary Market
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


 I hope you find this comparison useful!  I will be looking for additional products to pass on to you with my three goals in mind: Save Money.  Keep Prescriptions In-House.  Increase Your Profit.   If there are products you are looking to compare, let me know!  I will make a saving comparison chart for you. 

Resources for Patterson’s Sutures


Download the catalog here
Download the catalog here
Download one page Needle Guide