Cannabis and Pets: What’s the Veterinarian’s Role

Cannabis and Pets: What’s the Veterinarian’s Role: (See video in link)

Veterinarians are still legally constrained when it comes to treating patients with marijuana products, but in this spotlight story, Dr. Robert Silver argues veterinary professionals still have a responsibility to learn about the emerging therapy.

CBD Pet Products are Riding High (article Link):

As widespread interest in CBD/hemp products grows, retailers need to be aware of this pet category.  The number of CBD/hemp pet products on the market has grown like a weed (please pardon the pun). From edibles intended to sooth anxiety to topicals that are meant to promote healing, these products—most of which seem to be for dogs or cats—have been all the rage as of late.  For those readers who may be uninformed about CBD, here’s a brief bit of background information. CBD (cannabidiol) is found in cannabis and hemp. The majority of the time, CBD does not contain THC, which is the compound in marijuana that leads to “getting high.”