NEW Information Technology (IT) courses

The three two-part foundational courses will help practices understand the role of their systems hardware such as PCs, networks PLUS the importance of data back-ups and cyber security. Often overlooked until there is a problem, we chose to work with subject matter expert Clint Latham to bring these 3 courses (total of 6 RACE CEs, pending) to help practice owners and managers build their knowledge for healthier IT planning and tactics in their practices. 

These knowledge courses will provide focus on: 

·         Networking Basics and Budgeting 

·         Proper Data Protection and Planning

·         Building Cyber Defenses

Inspired by a general need for information to help practices understand their IT needs, PVU was thrilled to work with subject matter expert Clint Latham, JD. We wanted to work with Clint on this project because

he understands the need for knowledge in a business operations area that can be complex and is often left vulnerable in practices. He understands the increase of everyday threats to data and systems within practices. This series of courses were produced to provide increased knowledge to help practice owners and managers build confidence in the set up and maintenance of their in-practice information technology equipment and strategies. 


  • $50 per course (2 RACE CE/course, pending) or $150 for all three (6 RACE CE/series, pending)
  • VPS eligible
  • Includes course materials and tools


Why do we launch courses with the status of “RACE CE, pending”?

When we submit applications to RACE, we understand the process may take 7 – 45 days. RACE approval is one piece of course production and cannot be submitted until all of the content elements have been developed. 

Every course we produce requires a number of steps to get to launch. Most steps, we are able to control. Once submitted, the RACE approval process is one item we are not able to control. 

Since we can’t guess when approval will arrive, we launch courses with “RACE CE pending” so that customers are able to access the courses as soon as possible. Once the RACE approval has been given, we update the learner’s course certificates to reflect the approvals and notify the learners. We also update the all print and digital collateral at that time, too. 

New Courses 2021:

March – Foundations of Veterinary Medical Terminology

                100 course registrations within the first 3 weeks and growing! 

February – The Basics of Veterinary Dentistry 101

                Over 900 course registrations since February 1! 


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