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Anderson Gas Sterilizers

See information attached and below on gas sterilizers.  These can be used to clean instruments that cant be sterilized in an autoclave, at less the price of the Plasma unit. (~$6k – $7k),  Keep in mind they do require ventilation

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New CT Units Available

See attached information on the advanced CT units we will be sourcing and offering through Neurologica, a division of Samsung. Three units – VetTom 8; VetTom 16 & VetTom 32 Slice – differing in image quality & size of gantry/potential patients They include the installation

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PRP Stem Cell Systems

Enso website: https://ensodiscoveries.com/ Resources: https://ensodiscoveries.com/resources/ Rotator Calculator: https://ensodiscoveries.com/rotor-calculator/ PRP White Paper – J. Corey Orava, DVM Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has received an unusual and growing amount of attention in the past few years. Despite nearly 10,000 articles on PubMed, many medical professionals

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Patterson News

Private Label Sutures

Not Just a Generic Suture: Patterson sutures are made in the USA by Riverpoint Medical in Portland, OG Racetrack designed packaging Most have an extra 3″ of length compared to the Ethicon brand FDA registered, ISO certified to 13485:2016  Over

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New Item

Pivetal Rigid Pack Needles & Syringes

We are excited to announce the expansion of our Needle/Syringe line! Pivetal now offers RIGID PACK Needles, Syringes, and Combinations! We have added the new product information to our existing soft pack detailers. Product has started arriving to your distribution centers already

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Virbac CET OralH. Cats Discontinued

***From Vedco pertaining to the discontinuation of Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats. The Intellident Chews will be replacing these products. Share with your teams as needed.*** I draw your attention to the Virbac Item Numbers listed below. VINV-VCCE-T701   

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NEW C.E.T.® IntelliDent™ Cat Bites! Promo

C.E.T.® IntelliDent Cat Bites are great tasting bites to help maintain healthy teeth and gums, while supporting daily dental health, and freshening the breath. These crunchy bites coupled with the cat’s chewing action helps to fight and reduce plaque and tartar

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Pivetal Surgical Instruments

I’m excited to announce the addition of Surgical Instruments to the Pivetal portfolio, now available to order! The Private Label Team has worked diligently to ensure that this product line includes a variety of high-quality, German stainless steel hand instruments,

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Patterson Surgical Instruments

As some of you know, we recently transitioned our Private Label Surgical Instruments from Patterson Veterinary to Pivetal. In doing so, we also changed manufacturing partners which has inevitably disrupted our ability to satisfy the “Lifetime Warranty” of Webster or

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