Phovia by Vetoquinol

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Phovia is a novel way to manipulate the function of cells within the dermis and epidermis, to reduce inflammation but still accelerate regeneration.

It is a two-part system, comprising a LED lamp and a chromophore gel, used together, they produce multi-wavelength fluorescent light energy that can penetrate the skin to variable depths. Unlike other systems, Phovia is capable of triggering different beneficial responses at different levels.

Phovia is designed to be really quick and easy to use!
Each application cycle lasts only 2 minutes, while set up and clean down are almost as quick.

Watch the video to see just how straightforward and easy it is – for vet, pet and owner!

How to Use


Patterson is carrying the Gel instock, in order to order the starter light Kit, please give me and or Catrina (vetoquinol rep) a call to set up a quick demo. The Vetoquinol reps will be distributing the lights directly.