Reformulation of MalAcetic Ultra Otic

Due to necessary manufacturing improvements, MalAcetic Ultra® Otic Cleanser has been reformulated.  The new formula will still have hydrocortisone, acetic acid, ketoconazole, and Dechra’s ceramide complex.  Boric acid, water and fragrance have been removed.  The biggest differences the pet owner will notice will be the lack of fragrance and the formula will not dry as quickly as the old one did since it will be more slick.  Dechra is confident this new formula will perform in a similar way to the old formula and will be accepted well. 

To help ensure this change is seamless, Dechra is keeping the same product number.  The label will change to reflect the new ingredients and ‘New Fragrance Free Formula’ has been added to the front of the label.  Attached are the labels so you can see the changes on the front panel. 

Links to new product photos, SDS, and sales detailer. 

This new formula should be ready to ship by the beginning of June.