Client HQ

The team has made some exciting enhancements to Client HQ, our smart appointment calendar. Its two-way text functionality has expanded to include picture messaging! 

Why so exciting? Client HQ allows practices to communicate bidirectionally with clients from their appointment calendar and send/receive picture attachments through text messaging. Where the text-only feature is useful for running efficient curbside care and freeing up phone lines, picture messaging helps practices build goodwill with clients and manage triage situations. They can send photo updates of pets to reassure owners—during boarding or after surgery—and receive visual input when advising clients whether or not to bring their animal in.  

8 Reasons the Time is Right to Embrace Two-Way Texting with Your Clients97% of Americans utilize text messaging and more than 64% of consumers prefer to interact with their vet that way. Links can be found and shared on social media.




Client HQ will improve client interactions and create operational efficiencies.