Suffusion Update

A few important announcements regarding Suffusion:

I am happy to finally provide you all with the Suffusion Transition Guide. This guide briefly walks through the “why” behind our reformulation, details on our new packaging, and of course a complete 1:1 list of item codes to simplify ordering as much as possible.

Please note, the main change in item names/descriptions is the dropping of +PS. The only two significant name changes are these:

  • Suffusion Hypo-Allergenic is now à Suffusion Anti-Dander
  • Suffusion Ear Cleaner is now à Suffusion SA Ear Cleaner.

Additionally, we have created a single-page file that only includes the product 1:1, this is a more printer-friendly way to get you the correct ordering information.

We have created a Move-Out Program for old formulations. Legacy Suffusion SKUs are now 25% OFF, please see the flyer attached for details.