Talkatoo Joins Tech Portfolio

Today Patterson Veterinary is excited to announce a partnership with Talkatoo to offer their user friendly, cloud-based dictation software to Patterson customers.  

This non-exclusive partnership gives our Technology Specialists a unique tool to help veterinarians to save time by capturing chart notes quickly and accurately. Talkatoo’s cloud dictation software is powered by artificial intelligence, meaning that the more customers use the software, the better it will understand frequently used words and lingo. It also comes with a built-in medical dictionary and offers a feature called “My Words,” allowing customers the ability to use their own unique, customizable vocabulary.  

Talkatoo is platform agnostic so it can be used with ease with any practice management software including NaVetor. 

To learn more about Talkatoo connect with me and I’ll setup a meeting with a Technology Specialist or visit Market Hound

Sign up for a 7 day Trial Here also!!