Vanguard Vaccine line Updates

In August, Zoetis informed us that they would begin rolling out new packaging for their vaccine line. 

 Over the next few months, you’ll notice some changes happening to the Zoetis Petcare vaccines you use in your clinic. Some of these changes are USDA-mandated and happening industry-wide, including simplification of label language, a change in approved storage temperatures from 2-7⁰C to 2-8⁰C for most products, and others designed to standardize vaccine labels across manufacturers. 

  1. Visit and BOOKMARK IT!!!!
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  2. Read the attached documents:
    • Customer Letter
      • Zoetis sent this letter to veterinary clinics that have purchased vaccines within the last 12 months.  
    • Customer FAQ
      • This document will review the most common questions you may have

As a reminder, the entire vaccine line will  have a packaging change.  However, not all items required SKU or name changes.

There are 38 total Zoetis Petcare Vaccine SKUs:

  1. 9 are getting new NAMES and new SKUs
  2. 12 are getting new NAMES but keeping same SKUs
  3. The rest (17 total) are same names/same SKUs